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Aimee A. Laramore, MBA

Owner/Lead Consultant

Rethinking CAPACITY
  • Reclaim the language and landscape that exists
  • Establish UNIFIED Mission & Vision 
  • Assess opportunities for leadership growth & change
  • Pursue excellence 
  • Commit to incremental improvement
  • Match needs with appropriate solutions
  • Leverage demonstrated commitment 
  • Understand how your values shape your work
 Lead with your LEGACY in mind

Do you often wonder what the future will reflect regarding your investments in the non-profit industry? The days of "mom & pop" shops being the only image of non-profit work are largely disappearing in the new millennium.  This billion dollar industry requires the input and investment of those who are fiercely committed to making a difference, with the skill base and experience to get the job done well.  

This year the focus of ALlyd is leading with your legacy in mind.  Don't leave for tomorrow what you can plan for today.  Make smart choices about the cultivation of human resources and the investment in infrastructure and sustainability, learning from the mistakes that cost countless resources.  Plans without actions are dreams. Prepare for the future of this industry with your actions, accountability and aspirations.  We can leave a stronger legacy, together.  

Pursuing Excellence with...
The Boner Center
CICOA Aging and In Home Solutions
Community Cancer Network 
Community Housing Network 
Hoosier Oncology Group 
PrimeLife Enrichment Inc. 
Purpose of Life Ministries
The Martin Center, Inc. 
The Tamarindo Foundation, Inc. 


Capacity. Philanthropy. Alignment.

When I began the journey of working with non-profit entities, my focus was on resource development.  I came to learn that financial resources alone cannot solve the challenges facing many of the mission-driven agencies that impact our society.  Capacity building is a term commonly used to refer to the development of an organization’s core skills and capabilities, such as leadership, management, finance and fundraising, programs and evaluation. In short, to have substantive change - you have to do more comprehensive work.

I embrace the process of assisting an organization to identify issues and gain the insights, knowledge and experience needed to solve problems and implement positive change. Capacity building is facilitated through the provision of technical support, including coaching, training, facilitation and networking.  Philanthropy at its best should be inclusive, accessible and a true reflection of its meaning, "love of humankind."  I have often found that the term itself creates images of elite donors making closed door decisions about extensive resources.  I have spent my career re-aligning that term with new images and new opportunities, recognizing the role that faith & values play in influencing choices about time, talent and resources.

Alignment requires a strong understanding of both the issues at hand, and the opportunities on the horizon.  Strong organizations are able to identify, address and prepare for the challenges that impact governance, operations, fund development, technology and planning.  ALlyd will help your organization leverage its inherent strengths to translate vision into manageable action steps.  In fact, we've been doing this for two decades.  We find joy in strengthening organizations and people, to realize their potential and to fulfill their fullest potential.  Isn't that what we all strive to do?

ALlyd believes in potential.  What are you capable of achieving?  How do you engage the world of philanthropy?  Do your values align with your purpose - and are you recognized for what you contribute to this world? Together, we can leave a phenomenal legacy and be the change makers you aspire to be. 

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Aimee Laramore has spent nearly 20 years impacting the success of community based organizations, non-profit agencies, community development corporations and mission driven work.  With effective tools and resources, she partners with leaders and organizations to transform challenges into opportunities.  A trained community organizer, Ms. Laramore has extensive hands-on experience in fund development, leadership cultivation and operational excellence.  Ultimately, our vision is to build great organizations that are well managed, accountable for performance, and deliver on their promises. Whether you are starting out, growing, or shifting gears, ALlyd will work with you to build a self-sustaining, effective organization. 

An active client base can attest to their experience embracing a simple philosophy - an investment in capacity building helps organizations to do hard work effectively, efficiently and with visible impact.  Aimee Laramore serves as the lead consultant, but also works with a team of professionals that can change lives. When all is said and done, intentional progress wins out over a pursuit of perfection every time. 

Back on the ROAD!  Join me on June 15, 2013 for an engaging interactive seminar about making a difference in your local community. The African American Millennial Summit on Giving & Civic Leadership promises to be an exciting opportunity to access new research, network with cutting edge philanthropists, explore the true diversity of those with a love of humankind, and learn valuable tips and tools for application in your community, business arena and the world.

Summit Intensive III: Building Your Civic Engagement Plan – Objectives

I am excited about the opportunity to represent Lake Institute at the upcoming Changing the Face of Philanthropy Summit.  My area of focus will be creating civic engagement plans for millennials, keeping values and faith in mind.  With so many causes to address, this discussion will help attendees determine their areas of interest within the community. But it doesn’t stop there. You will also learn how to target the right organizations that fit those interests. Attendees will evaluate their goals for local, national, and global community engagement. Thank You Friends of Ebonie and Valaida Fullwood for this exciting opportunity to connect, and for honoring the role that faith and values play in building a civic engagement plan of action.

What Clients Have Shared
“Aimee consulted with CICOA in the development of our current strategic plan. In this capacity she facilitated a series of stakeholder meetings, led a planning retreat of the agency's volunteer and paid staff leadership, and worked with the strategic planning committee to interpret findings, develop the planning documents and identify effective measurements of key outcomes. Aimee has excellent communications skills. She is highly effective in coordinating group discussions and soliciting meaningful input from others. She brings a fresh perspective and focused energy to the process. She is a good steward of agency resources and delivers a quality product. I would recommend her to other organizations that are considering a strategic plan or operational review.” 
November 10, 2009 ~ Orion Bell, President CICOA 

 “Aimee served as the development director for our human service agency and because of her great work with us we do a better job of connecting with donors and supporters. I'd happily recommend her to anyone who wants to get better at securing the resources needed to make the world a better place.”
November 11, 2009 ~ John Ziraldo, Lighthouse of Oakland County 

“I found Aimee to be a bright articulate consultant who engaged staff, board and leadership in a process to develop new organizational, strategic & fund development plans. Aimee was superb at engaging staff as well as board members in the process and getting buy-in for the process. She is a straight forward person and upfront about some people not always liking that. It was refreshing for us at EmberWood Center, especially me. Our relationship also included some executive coaching and that has been very helpful to me as my postion as President has been transitioning.” 
November 5, 2009 ~ Vince Failla, President Emberwood Center (formerly Community Addiction Services of Indiana) 
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